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Marriage is a success one day at a time

I've been married now for 32 years and counting. Marriage is not easy, it's a struggle, but you just have to remember the reasons you got into it in the first place. For me marriage has always been about wanting to have a partner in crime that knows me my whole life and shares all my meaningful experiences with me.


He's someone who get's me deep down to the bone. He's my soulmate! I am so lucky to have someone who puts up with through the bad and the good, my happy days and my mood swings, and I know it's hard work on his part, and he knows it's hard work on my part dealing with the grumpy days. But those days that he just comes home from work with a smile and wink in his eyes makes me just think Life couldn't get any better.

Check out advice from couples who have been married a long long time. If you are just starting out and having issues, remember that all couples go through issues but you promised to be together through good and bad, sick and healthy. And there was a reason you made those promises. Keep thinking back on those reasons.


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Why Blog

I've gotten to the point where I feel like my life couldn't be any better, and some days I have said that I wished I could share my inspiration to fight for love with the rest of the world and share my happiness.


Wish me luck!